Excellency: client orientation
product quality and services tendency

Our clients are mostly distribution companies
and retailers in Italy and throughout the world


  • Paint factories
  • hardware stores
  • Bricolage and do-it-yourself


  • Wood 50
  • Mechanics 20
  • Printing 15
  • Shoe Factories 15

Ethics: environmental protection
and health and safety of people

Certifications and Excellency

Our daily commitment is to continue to grow without damaging our planet and protect people’s safety.

  • QUALITY: UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, obtained in 2001
  • AENVIRONMENT: UNI EN ISO 14001 standards, obtained in 2002
  • SAFETY: OHSAS 18001 standards, obtained in 2005
  • EXCELLENCY, obtained in 2006

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We learned that to do well
is to do together

Our commitment is to challenge crisis
and make even more

The numbers of a big company

Thanks to the continuous investments, the business volume and the number of employees
is in constant growth.


Employees growth


Turnover growth