Fidea: Ethics

Our daily commitment is to continue to grow without harming our planet and protecting people's safety.

Economic growth of our business would have no meaning if not inspired by a sustainable and compatible development with the environment where we live in and if it not oriented towards the safeguard of humans.

Environmental sustainability

In the awareness that the environment is a valuable resource that must be preserved and which should be able to fully satisfy even the future generations, we operate on a daily basis in accordance with procedures that ensure the least environmental impact carrying out regular check-ups of the pollution prevention systems.


We believe that to create and share wellness is the real aim and we are convinced that our most important resource is human race: we learnt that “to do well” is “to do it together”.
The continuous adjustment to the applicable legislation allows us to never lose our aim: the safeguard of the health and safety of the employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers and anyone else coming into contact with our company.