Fidea: our values

We have learned that “to do well” is “to do it together”.

We believe that our most important resource are the PEOPLE, that is why we promote and encourage the growth of our personnel, partners and suppliers, encouraging and emphasising them. We believe that our true aim is creating and sharing wellness. We work hard to constantly give our clients the top quality level and service, we always take care of safeguarding people’s health and security, as well as the respect for an eco-friendly environment and for the future generations’ safety.

Fidea: our history


The history of Fidea starts in Fabriano, Ancona province. It initially develops into the local reality. After strengthening its presence in the Marche region, it widens the distribution in the rest of Italy to then extend it gradually in foreign markets.


The Canil family buys the company


In November 2001 FIDEA shifts to Matelica, in Macerata province, just a few kilometres away from the first head offices. The new plant is made with the best and newest technologies available in the market and it develops on a surface of 32.000sqm, which 8.000 covered. The range of products available grew in time, creating always more and more specific products to satisfy the different needs and requests from the clients’ side. The company has grown and developed over time, in line with the most stringent and precise requirements of the market, more and more sensitized to issues of quality, environment and safety.


Following the important growth of the first decade in the new plant, in the year 2011 the size of the covered surface doubles to nearly 17.000 sqm.


Today FIDEA’s products, thinners, solvents, paint removers, degreases and do-it-yourself products, are available in all foreing markets, through a wide network of distributors and importers.